Youth Unemployment Just Quietly Hit 52-Year Low, Flies In The Face Of Democrat Skepticism

President Trump just quietly got youth unemployment to the lowest it has been in over 52 years.

The marvel was seemingly missed by some mainstream media outlets who prefer bashing the president to touting his numerous accomplishments.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported the United States witnessed the lowest midsummer joblessness rate for youth since July 1966, a figure which shows Trump’s economy is expanding opportunities to “groups that historically have struggled to find jobs.”

Check it out:

The unemployment rate among young Americans fell to its lowest level in more than 50 years this summer, though the share of young people looking for work remained well below its peak in 1989.

Of Americans between 16 and 24 years old actively looking for work this summer, 9.2% were unemployed in July, the Labor Department said Thursday, a drop from the 9.6% youth unemployment rate in July 2017. It was the lowest midsummer joblessness rate for youth since July 1966.


Similarly, the unemployment rate among older Americans who don’t have a high-school diploma fell to a record low this year. The jobless rate also fell sharply for those who completed high school but never attended college. Among racial groups, the unemployment rate for Latinos fell to 4.5% in July, the lowest rate on records back to the 1970s.

The jobless rate for black Americans touched a record low this year before rising in the past two months. For black youth, the jobless rate ticked up this summer to 16.5% from 16.2% in 2017, meaning this segment of the population hasn’t benefited as much as many others looking for work.

This is Trump’s economy: record low unemployment levels across the board; jobs are returning, and the stock market is booming.

Remember all those liberal “experts” and economists who, less than two years ago were predicting apocalyptic collapses should Trump win the White House? Their voices are all pretty quiet now:

Investors has the receipts on liberal skepticism, here are a few examples:

Keep all this talk of economic meltdowns and financial market doomsday in mind the next time you hear a news commentator say that “most economists” believe that Trump’s policies won’t work, or “mainstream economists” believe Trump doesn’t know what he is doing.  When it comes to Trump, his critics so far have almost all been not just wrong, but dead wrong.

Here are some of the greatest hits, gleefully compiled from the media over the past 18  months or so:

  • Donald Trump’s first gift to the world will be another financial crisis.” Headline in the U.K. Independent. “(He) gives every impression that he will soon be hustling America — and possibly the entire world — in the direction of another catastrophic financial crisis.” Same article.
  • I have no stocks. I advise people not to invest in the stock market, not now. Way too dangerous.” Film maker Michael Moore, August, 2017.
  • Trump’s domestic policies would lead to recession.” Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, March 2016.
  • If Trump wins we should expect a big markdown in expected future earnings for a wide range of stocks — and a likely crash in the broader market (if Trump becomes president).” Eric Zitzewitz, former chief economist at the IMF, November 2016.
  • Under Trump, I would expect a protracted recession to begin within 18 months. The damage would be felt far beyond the United States.”  Former Clinton and Obama chief economist Larry Summers, June 2016.
  • Trump would likely cause the stock market to crash and plunge the world into recession.” Simon Johnson, MIT economics professor

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